Friday, May 23, 2014

Festival of Tree's

The Festival of Tree's is always fun to go to. I'm not a fan of big crowed  but it goes to a good cause and some of the tree's are pretty amazing. Ross's favorite tree... surprise!

We would love this tree. Look at all the matchbox cars on the ground!! This was only a small corner of the tree. There probably were a good thousand of them.

The Finding Nemo tree. Jackson and Coles favorite. If you look close you can see in the middle of the tree the bubbles going up in the water.

And to finish off with the creepy Monsters Ins tree.

First snow storm

So I had good intentions to write all these posts months ago and had added all the pictures and then was planning on going back and writing them all. Now I'm here finally writing on them and I have no idea why the first pictures are on here! So I'll guess what the captions should be.

My cute little Jackson

Lately Jackson has been holding a pillow up and pulling it down making a different face each time he pulls the pillow down. Its pretty funny and he loves it.

Mr. Cole happy to see the snow falling

The first snow storm was a big one. I think it dumped 1 1/2 feet. Jackson was so excited to go out and play. His favorite thing was to help shovel.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

St. Nick

St. Nick/Elf. If you don't know what he is all about look back into my older post from Christmas's past. This St. Nick was nice and brought a little too much. Thats what you get when you buy ahead and forget about it! 
All of the shoes with the gifts

Cole and dad ready to see what the Elf brought

The boys not really getting the big picture but loving that they got new toys to play with.

My parents got this train set and Jackson thought it was for him. All Christmas he would show people what the Elf gave him... We are hoping he forgets about it come this christmas!

Mr. Cole being his cute self!

Bountiful Christmas light parade

This is a tradition I did growing up and wanted my boys to live it too. The parade runs two blocks from my parents house so its a nice short walk. The parade was short but didn't disappoint. 
Oma and Jackson waiting for the parade to come to us.

Cole and dad watching the floats go by.

Jackson's favorite float with santa on it. He was so excited to for santa to come and to see him.


Thanksgiving was great. This year was with my family! We haven't had Thanksgiving with my Family in four years.. So much has changed. All of my siblings got married and five grandkids have joined the family. It was fun to have such a big group and have everyone together. That morning we went and saw Disney "Frozen" with my parents and Uncle Jason and Aunt Carolin. It was great show and both boys did  really well. After that we went to Aunt Heather's and Uncle Kodi's to have Thanksgiving dinner and watch football/look at black Friday ads and sleep. That night my mom and I went and did some shopping.. I've never had a bad experience with black Friday but I've never gone to walmart either. This year we went there and it was horrible!! You couldn't walk a round. Unless there is an amazing deal I will never go there again.
Jackson and Oma making placemats for dinner.

And the only two picture I took the rest of the night. Jackson and Cole hanging out before dinner.

Christmas tree cutting

I'm only slightly behind on my blog.... Here's to a Merry Christmas 5 months late! Ross and I have always wanted to cut our own Christmas tree but never have. This year my mom and I got up early(4:30) and drove to Park City and stood in line with the other hundreds of people to get a tag. We lucked out and picked the perfect weekend to go. That next monday it snowed and we would have had a hard, cold time getting to the trees.

All of us heading up the mountain to find our perfect tree. 

Jackson and Addi looking for a tree. They both were carried most the time because Addi said she was cold so Jackson had to join in and say he was too.

Cole helping Oma and Opa find their tree

Oma, Jackson and Addi

Opa leading the pack

Cole wondering what his cold stuff is..

Just having a little fight on where a tree was that we has saw earlier. My mom made us hike the whole mountain to find a tree that look like all the other ones. Whatever makes here happy!

More hiking with Oma

And there it was our perfect tree! It actually was the first tree I pointed out. We left it there and set out to find my parents tree.

Cutting down the trees 

With our tree

Ross thinking he's a lumberjack and cutting the tree

The group with our tree's

Cole happy to be done

with the tree

I love this picture! The cars loaded up and ready to go home.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cole 6month and Jackson's 3rd year pictures

After 19 post I am finally caught up!!! We took Jackson and Cole up to the canyon when the leaves were still colorful and took their 3 year and 6 month pictures. Besides it being cold and Cole deciding that he was tired and didn't want to smile 15 minutes in I like how they turned out. Now I just need to get the will to edit them!